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Thyroid parameters and long-term complications in a diabetes type 1 population



A clear association between autoimmune thyroid disease (AITD) and type 1 diabetes (T1D) has been shown. Recently, data was published that there might be an association between thyroid parameters and long term complications in this population.



Is there an association between value of (average) thyroid parameters and long term complications of diabetes type 1. If yes, may this association be more pronounced in a specific subgroup of patients?



We assess clinical records of each patient and extract available information on thyroid parameters and longterm complications. We stratify patients depending on (average) value of thyroid parameters and compare prevalence and severity of long term complications between groups. We might do a subgroup analysis. Study population: Patients with T1D that visited our outpatient clinic from 2005 are included. Main study parameters/endpoints: Main endpoint of the study is development of long term complications associated with type 1 diabetes.



Afdeling Interne Geneeskunde, HMC Westeinde



14-28 weken



C. Nederstigt, AIOS interne geneeskunde, Dr. O.M. Dekkers (LUMC)

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